We Buy Houses In Massachusetts

Sell Your House As-Is To A Trusted MA Cash Buyer

Any House. Any Condition. Zero Pressure. Zero Commissions.

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We Buy Houses In Any Situation

We Work With Homeowners Who:

Feel overwhelmed by home upkeep

Inherited a burdensome house

Had enough of difficult tenants

Want to relocate and start fresh

Hit a financial road bump

Need help finding a new place to live

Don’t want to give money away to realtors

Just want a quick, easy sale on their terms

No Cleaning. No Repairs.

How Do I Sell My House Without Realtors In Massachusetts?

Our Easy, -Step Homesale Process Gives You Peace Of Mind

Fill out this 3-minute form with some basic home info. We’ll do some initial research.

Schedule a quick home tour (or send us some photos). We’ll make you a cash offer.

Set a convenient closing date. Cash in your pocket in as little as 4 days. No need to clean.

See the process in action. And don’t worry, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Massachusetts Cash Buyers That Deliver

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A Home Offer That Puts More Cash In Your Pocket

Nice to meet you! We’re Mark and Janet, former military guys and gals turned home buyers.

Our mission today is to bring you a top cash offer for your Massachusetts home. How are we able to do that?

Well, we have our own crew of contractors that fixes up houses, meaning we can make stronger, better offers than the “we buy houses” guys.

But that’s not even the half of it…

We’re so confident that our offer is unrivaled we’ll beat any legitimate higher cash offer (or a $200 penalty paid to you).

So go ahead, bankrupt us. We dare you!

How Do We Make Your Home Sale Quicker and Easier?

There’s One Thing Everyone Dreads About Selling A House

The Hoops:

In a traditional homesale, there’s a seemingly endless number of hoops to jump through:

Hiring an agent

Cleaning the house

Fixing the house

Staging the house

Photographing the house

Showing the house (a lot)

Hoping the buyer gets a loan

Hoping the inspection works out

Hoping the appraisal works out



…Still waiting

So What Do We Do?

We Take All Those Hoops and Toss Them Out The Window

Unlike a traditional buyer relying on a bank, we use our own funds to buy the house. So when we make you an offer, there are no “maybes”, “hopefullys”, or “ifs”. There’s no last-minute crisis because the buyer got cold feet or was denied financing. What you see is what you get.

And what you get is:

Help packing, moving, finding a new place

No cleaning

No repairs

No 6% fee to an agent

No waiting (you decide when to close)

Looking To Sell Your Home And Buy A New One?

Housing is hard to find in this market. We get it. That’s why…

As Part of Our Cash Offer Package, You Get:

Immediate access to cash for your next home purchase

All the time you need to find a new home

Access to our exclusive inventory of homes and rentals

Complimentary U-Haul and moving services

All on your schedule. See how it works or call us at (617) 831 6186 to learn more.

Get A Quick, All-Cash Offer For Your Home Below!

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Why “Put Up With It”?

A marine sergeant and mentor once told me, “you end up with what you put up with, so … stop putting up with it!

So If Your House Is:

Weighing You Down
And Draining Your Energy

Keeping You From
Taking The Next Step In Life

Keeping You From
Spending Time On What Matters

…..Why “put up with” that situation for a minute longer?

If you don’t feel good about where you are, think about where you could be. Why aren’t you there yet? Take it from me at sixty years old — life is short and you never get time back.

So What’s Next?

We’ve Covered the  Benefits Of A Cash Offer:

Need help moving, packing, or finding a new place? We’ve got you covered. 

Our fleet of pickups does all the moving work.

We aren’t kidding when we say this. Here’s a photo from a recent project in Medford:

This isn’t a beauty contest. We don’t judge.

Yup, you heard us. We’ll beat any legitimate higher cash offer (or a $200 penalty).

Mike loved our offer, and you will too!

It Takes All Of 3 Minutes To Get the Process Started Below.

Doesn’t mean we’ll buy your house, or that you have to sell your house.

But if you fill out our short form or give us a call, we should be able to figure out if this is potentially a fit.

And if not, no worries — we’ll have given it our best shot, and you’ll know what we can pay for the house.

But What If I Don’t Have To Sell?

We get this a lot, and it’s based on a misunderstanding of what we do. 

Working with us doesn’t require you to be “desperate” to sell. Many of our clients just want a quick, easy sale that doesn’t involve them jumping through hoops.  

Most importantly, how motivated or not motivated you are to sell has no impact on our cash offer. Our numbers are based on a simple, common-sense formula that we make publicly available, so you can see exactly how we come up with our price.

So even if you don’t need to sell right away (or ever), at least you’ll know what we can pay for your house.

Get A Quick, All-Cash Offer For Your Home Below!

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