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How To Sell Your House Fast In Mass

Step 1: 10 minutes

Fill out our short form or give us a call.

We’ll have an initial conversation to see if this is a good way for you to sell or not.

You’ll also tell us some basic info about the property, so we can start getting a rough idea of what our offer might be and how to structure it.

Step 2: 30 minutes

Schedule a quick tour; get an offer.

We’ll take a look at the property so we can get our offer dialed in for you.

We’ll also learn a bit more about your goals and timeline. That way, we can customize the terms of the offer to fit your needs.

Step 3: 15 minutes

If the offer works, schedule your closing.

Set a closing date that’s convenient for you, whether that’s next week or next year.

We’ll close at the office of a local reputable attorney. Need help packing, moving, or finding a new place? We’ve got you covered too.

Breaking Down Each Step

Step : Grand Opening (~10-12 minutes)

First, you’ll fill out a quick online form with some basic info about the property, nothing fancy. Within 2-4 hours, we’ll give you a call and let you know what we might be able to do for you.

Doesn’t mean we’ll buy your house, or that you have to sell your house. But we should be able to have a 5-10 minute conversation and figure out if selling for cash is a good option. If it sounds like we might have a fit, we’ll talk about Step 2 … and if not, no biggie, we knocked it out in 5 minutes.

Step : The Grand Tour (~20-30 minutes)

To make sure we’re offering you as much as we can for the property, we need to know more about the home’s condition and layout. Usually, we come out, you give us a quick tour, and we ask you a bit about your needs so we can put a personalized offer together just for you.

At the end of our conversation, we’ll do our best to bring you an offer that works. If you love it, we can talk about next steps. But if it’s not going to work for any reason, that’s nothing to worry about. You have plenty of selling options, and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction based on our conversation.

Step : The Grand Finale (15-30 minutes)

We’ll write up and fill out the offer paperwork. You’ll choose a convenient closing date that works for you, whether that’s in a week or 10 months.

On the day of closing, we’ll head over to a real estate attorney’s office (we can use ours, or you can pick your own). We’ll both sign some documents transferring ownership of the house, and the attorney will hand you, the seller, a certified bank check for the sale proceeds. 

Get A Quick, All-Cash Offer For Your Home Below!

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I was acting on behalf of an incapacitated family member, and worked with the team to sell their home. Despite a pending foreclosure and other issues with the house, we were able to get it sold quickly and successfully.

I found them to be the utmost professionals with a level of compassion that did not go unnoticed.

Ross-Strader Family
Hull, MA
9.22. 21

Still Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers:

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What Does “Cash Offer” Mean Exactly?

It means we are purchasing your house with our own money, so we don’t rely on bank financing like traditional homebuyers.

When you sell to us, there’s no risk of a loan falling through or closing being delayed because someone at the bank ate the wrong thing for breakfast.

When we make you an offer, what you see is what you get.

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How Else Is A Cash Sale Different From a Traditional Home-Sale?

Traditionally, you pay a real estate agent 5-6% of the sales price to list your house and sell it. You clean the house, maybe do some repairs, pay for furniture staging, and pay for a photographer.

The agent holds open houses, crowds of people walk through the house nitpicking everything, and at some point you get an offer from a buyer. That buyer will usually need to get approved for a bank loan, conduct inspections, order an appraisal, and jump through various other hoops before he can buy your house. 

We offer a more efficient solution.

When you sell to us directly for cash, there are no middlemen or brokers. There’s no waiting for bank approval. There’s no hoping for inspections to pass. There are no surprise hoops to jump through. No need to clean or fix anything up, either.

Just pick a convenient closing date and that’s it.

With a simple cash offer you can rely on, you get real peace of mind. 

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Do You Make Instant/Blind Offers Over The Phone?

No, and there’s a very good reason. 

Unless you have psychic powers, it’s impossible to value a house without seeing it. 

Companies promising an “instant offer” on your home are almost always stringing you along. If you’re interested in selling, we’re going to give you a precise offer we can actually stand behind.

Also, we believe in getting to know people and their individual situations. Our job is to put together a personalized home offer that addresses your timeline, your unique circumstances, and anything else that’s relevant. We don’t think throwing out numbers over the phone is the best way to achieve that.

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What If I Can’t Show The House For Some Reason?

We get it — sometimes the house isn’t easily accessible. We’ve dealt with many such situations and have ways to work around them. We can look at photos or videos, or do what is called a “drive-by appraisal” in certain cases. Just call us or fill out the form, and we’ll talk about how to move forward. 

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If I Get An Offer, Are There Any Obligations?

No. If you want to sell your house for cash, our job is to make you the best offer possible so that everyone benefits. But we realize an offer can’t always work, and that’s perfectly okay.

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Is This Just Going to Be a Lowball Offer?

Nope. It would be a waste of your time and ours to give you an offer you’ll never actually accept.

Our offers are based on a common-sense formula that we make publicly available, so there’s never any mystery about how we come up with it.

Here’s the long and short of it: we start with the potential value of the house all fixed up. Then, we just subtract our repair budget and required profit (we do have to put food on the table), to arrive at a fair offer for the house as-is. 

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How Exactly Do You Come Up With Your Offers?

We figure out 2 things: what the house would sell for all fixed up, and how much we’d have to spend fixing it. Both numbers are just estimates. 

Then, we take this value of the home all fixed up, and we subtract:

  • Our repair costs
  • Our required profit margin (around 10%) 

And, boom, we arrive at our cash offer. 

And if you think about this, it makes perfect sense for almost anything in life.

Imagine you knew a car would sell for $10,000 after you refurbished it. It costs you $1,000 to refurbish, and you want to make $1,000 in profit. How much would you pay for that car? Well, just $10,000 – $1,000 to repair – $1,000 in profit = $8,000. 

It’s that simple! Believe me, you don’t have to be very smart to work here.

If you want even more detail, we break the whole process down step-by-step here, with specific examples.

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Do I Need A Lawyer For This?

No, but we always encourage it.

We make a point of using simple paperwork with clear and simple language, keeping the legal mumbo-jumbo to a minimum. We also use standard, state-approved real estate documents. 

Still, no matter how awesome we are, it’s never a bad idea to have a lawyer review anything you sign. Most importantly, never, ever sign anything you don’t fully understand.

(If you’d like a referral to some local reputable attorneys, we’re happy to provide one.)

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Assuming I Accept Your Offer, What Happens Then?

Within 2-3 days, our lawyer will do a title search. This is to make sure there are no surprise liens (debts) on the property. In the rare case where there are some issues, our team will work with you to get those squared away.

With your permission, we may ask our contractor to swing by and get a quick look at the house so he knows what sort of work he’ll be doing.

On closing day, both parties sign standard paperwork transferring ownership from seller to buyer. The lawyer handling the closing then cuts you a certified bank check, or sends a wire — whichever one is more convenient for you.

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Can You Help Me Sell And Buy A House At The Same Time?

Sure can. We’ve even written about this topic in depth here.

First, our cash offer gives you as much time as you need to find a new home, so there’s no rush. We’ll also provide you with our exclusive inventory of homes to give you more options to choose from.

Second, because we close whenever you choose, we can buy your old house the same day you buy your new one. That way, our cash will immediately fund your next home purchase.

In other cases, we’ll buy your house so you can stay in it for a period of time, cash in hand, until you find and purchase your new home.

Let us know your situation and we’ll work with you to find the best solution. Either way, you’ll find the whole process is surprisingly convenient.

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I Want As Few Hassles As Possible. Can You Make That Happen, and How?

Typically, yes. Our lawyer might call you to get some information here and there, but that’s usually it.

We take care of:

The technical transaction stuff

Packing and moving, if you ask us to

Any other special requests or accommodations (within reason)

And you won’t have to:

Clean or fix anything

Deal with people tramping through your house

Wait for bank approvals (we use cash)

Submit to inspections

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Will I Have To Pay Any Fees?

Possibly, but nothing out of pocket. There are always standard fees the seller pays at closing; these are called closing costs, and they usually total around 0.9% of the sales price.  They include Massachusetts real estate sales tax (also called “stamps”), attorney fees (if you choose to use one), and several other charges like the final water/sewer bill. However, you don’t have to come out of pocket for any of these costs; they come directly out of the sales proceeds at closing.

And here’s the good news: because we’re awesome, in many cases, we will help cover some or all of these costs, just depending on how the deal is set up.

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Why Should I Choose You?

We’re former soldiers, not salespeople, so pitches aren’t really our forté.

Rather than beat our own drum, we’ll let one of our recent clients make our case for us:

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Is There a Catch to All This?

Nope, but again, don’t take our word for it:

Get A Quick, All-Cash Offer For Your Home Below!

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