Make An Impact This Holiday Season

Donate to Mass General’s Pediatric Cancer Clinic Here

A friend of ours will be running the 2022 Boston Marathon for Mass General’s Pediatric Cancer Team. We’re proud to support her in raising funds for the invaluable research that this team does.

Mass General is one of the best cancer treatment and research facilities in the country, and in our opinion it is well worth supporting this holiday season. Nobody deserves to spend Christmas in the oncology unit of a hospital.

All proceeds are directed toward caring for cancer patients and conducting research. This research has led to dramatic improvements in patients’ life quality and long-term survival rate. For example, just 20 years ago, Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia only had a 50% cure rate; now, it is over 90%. That is a direct result of the advances made by institutions like Mass General.

This winter, we plan to donate over $1000 to this cause, and we invite you to chip in anyway that you can.

Learn more about the cause. Then consider making a contribution.